we have a voice outside of our events

We're always thrilled to have an opportunity to enlighten, inspire, and challenge our audience. We thanks those who have given us a platform to speak in person and have doors open for anyone wanting to book Behold.Her at their next panel, workshop, or symposium!

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Take care local lips panel with brightest young things 

Take Care hosted their first Local Lips Event. We were thrilled to be one of the panelists and discuss the concept of finding balance in both our personal and professional life - but ya'll know that's hard to come by! Click here to view more highlights from the evening.

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take care shop 

Take Care offers a selection of effective, natural and independent skincare brands that embody a thoughtful and gentle approach to cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Take Care is plant oriented, meaning our collections are primarily vegan with a small number of exceptions for beeswax and honey. We do not sell products containing carmine, animal milk or other animal derivatives. 

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leah beilhart 

"Is there such thing as work-life balance? We  can't ignore that our personal life seeps into our business life. What happens in our personal life is usually what has us step out to create our business, good or bad, those influences are there."

worth100 symposium with lululemon for international women's day

We were honored to receive a call from lululemon, to be invited as the MC for International Women's Day. Behold.Her was built from vulnerability and storytelling so this was the perfect opportunity to showcase our love for engaging our audience with new and meaningful perspectives. 

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