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podcast interview with atmospher 

"Leah Beilhart is a professional photographer living in Washington DC. Aside from the usual jobs of a photographer, Leah has a big heart and true passion to use her gift to bring joy and awareness to the world around her. Behold.Her is a photographic happy hour for women. An intimate event where women gather to share their story and build community." Plug your headphones and listen here.  


interviewed by take care shop dc 

"Setting photography aside, I’ve witnessed and experienced as a woman, the toxic insecurities and self doubt caused not only by our minds but the people around us. With that being said, the older I got the more I hoped the cattiness, the two facedness, or the bitterness would end. But it didn’t; if anything, female competitiveness grew deeper like a wisdom tooth and as the roots strengthened so did the difficulty of tearing away from that mindset. I found it difficult making girlfriends and found myself sinking away at the idea that I would never be included in female social circles."  Read more on the feature here.


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published in dc modern luxury magazine

"I really focused on what needed to be gained from these intimate gatherings. I started to reflect on how difficult it has always been to have friendships with women. [ Which is odd] because women are always craving a connection with other women." Flip through the feature here.  


Second Publication on DC Modern Luxury Magazine

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This is a small tribute publication to the 2018 Thanks to HER black tie fundraiser in Washington, D.C. which will help fundraise for local charities in the city that focus on the development of young, strong women. Click here to view. 

 "Love and forgive yourself. You know what’s best for you. You know the signs of fatigue. You know when you’re being used. You may not know how to love yourself and you may not know how to forgive yourself, but walk into a community that will show you that you’re worth it. And if you have trouble knowing where those people are, make time to recenter and evaluate why you’re doing what you’re doing and congratulate yourself for getting where you are today." Keeping reading here.