Some Background


Behold.Her, a portrait and conversational event series, has created a welcoming and challenging space for women to experience personal breakthroughs and discover true threads of relationships beyond professional interests. Behold.Her events are unapologetically breaking barriers and normalizing stigmatized conversations.  

The series has grown from a monthly photography project to an ecosystem of active participants who have been helped in recognizing sexual trauma in their childhood, confront depression, discover self-love, understand the importance of personal identity, and connecting with women to cultivate new friendships. Each topic is geared towards breaking through the bullshit that women in our society tend to throw at each other out of fear of betrayal, jealousy, or personal insecurities.  

In a year, the brand has developed partnerships with local businesses, many of them female-owned, which have positively contributed to the local economy and amassed an extensive list of collaborators.

 This project series has captivated a community of women and celebrates its diverse racial, cultural, religious, and sexual orientation backgrounds. We’re proud to have photographed and interviewed over 200 women in the first year. So far, this series has provided many women in Washington, D.C. a place to find acceptance, beauty, depth, and understanding.