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Behold.Her, started as a portrait and conversational event series. It has created a welcoming and challenging space for women to experience personal breakthroughs and discover true threads of relationships beyond professional interests. Behold.Her events are unapologetically breaking barriers and normalizing stigmatized conversations.  

Each curated event focuses on developing self worth and challenging women to not retreat to their comfort zone. No phones are allowed at ANY of the events and they make another rule to not share who you work for or what you do. This is intentional so that women who are participating in a private event or public happy hour, practice on listening and building new relationships.

In a year, the brand has developed partnerships with local businesses, many of them female-owned, which have positively contributed to the local economy and amassed an extensive list of collaborators.

 This project series has captivated a community of women and celebrates its diverse racial, cultural, religious, and sexual orientation backgrounds. We’re proud to have photographed and interviewed over 200 women in the first year. So far, this series has provided many women in Washington, D.C. a place to find acceptance, beauty, depth, and understanding.

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Originally from Panama and a world-traveled Army brat, Leah Beilhart's life and work covers 17 countries and 200,000 miles across the United States.

You may not know how to love yourself and you may not know how to forgive yourself, but walk into a community that will show you that you’re worth it. And if you have trouble knowing where those people are, make time to recenter and evaluate why you’re doing what you’re doing and value those who value you for what you bring to the table, on good or bad days.
— Leah Beilhart



We're always thrilled to have an opportunity to enlighten, inspire, and challenge our audience. We thanks those who have given us a platform to speak in person and have the doors open for anyone wanting to book Behold.Her at their next panel, workshop, or symposium!


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Interview for LUMNX

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DC Modern Luxury Magazine

This is a small tribute publication to the 2018 Thanks to HER black tie fundraiser in Washington, D.C. which will help fundraise for local charities in the city that focus on the development of young, strong women.


Podcast interview with Atmosphere 

Behold.Her is a photographic happy hour for women. An intimate event where women gather to share their story and build community.

The Agency at District Station 

The space moves, it has no singular location, but in this space stories are not interrupted by the tap of a texting conversation, the din of a hushed phone call in the corner or a group cliqued together. Instead, there is an embrace that befalls all who enter the space, one that is open and inclusive and warm...


I try not to jump into anything that’s too trendy,” she said. “A lot of people want to talk about self-care. Well, what about self-care? We have enough people who talk about that already, what about everything else?

Take Care Shop 

Setting photography aside, I’ve witnessed and experienced as a woman, the toxic insecurities and self doubt caused not only by our minds but the people around us. With that being said, the older I got the more I hoped the cattiness, the two facedness, or the bitterness would end...


My work integrates a level of education; teaching the women I work with to fall in love with themselves again and that they have permission to look at themselves in admiration. We work together to detach shame and guilt and replace it with pride and honor.

DC Modern Luxury Magazine

"I really focused on what needed to be gained from these intimate gatherings. I started to reflect on how difficult it has always been to have friendships with women. [ Which is odd] because women are always craving a connection with other women." 

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Ringlet Studio

 Love and forgive yourself. You know what’s best for you. You know the signs of fatigue. You know when you’re being used. You may not know how to love yourself and you may not know how to forgive yourself, but walk into a community that will show you that you’re worth it...


The Big One
A breakdown on the day’s biggest Inno story.


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Take Care Local Lips panel with
Brightest Young Things 

Take Care hosted their first Local Lips Event. We were thrilled to be one of the panelists and discuss the concept of finding balance in both our personal and professional life - but ya'll know that's hard to come by! Click here to view more highlights from the evening.

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Is there such thing as work-life balance? We  can’t ignore that our personal life seeps into our business life. What happens in our personal life is usually what has us step out to create our business, good or bad, those influences are there.
— Leah Beilhart


Worth100 Symposium with Lululemon for
International Women's Day

We were honored to receive a call from lululemon, to be invited as the MC for International Women's Day. Behold.Her was built from vulnerability and storytelling so this was the perfect opportunity to showcase our love for engaging our audience with new and meaningful perspectives. 

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Previous Panelist with Chic Social Hour (Female Business Owners), Vanede Imperfect Victim Workshop (Sexual Assault). Inquire about leading conversations around self worth, building communities, and changing personal narrative.