Behold.Her is A compelling, on-camera storytelling series where women discuss the societal challenges they face, through intimate discussions, portraiture, and interviews.



What are we about?

What began as a photography project to help women recognize childhood trauma, confront depression, and discover self-love, is now a thriving, dynamic organization dedicated to bringing women together in bold conversation. Through its unique design, each challenge-themed event offers an alternative to toxic coping mechanisms for grief and shame, and instead fosters opportunities for growth through authentic self-expression. We celebrate the power and ability that each woman has within: Behold; Her


Been there, thought that

Ladies, ladies, ladies. We have all been there: seeing a girl walk by and rolling your eyes at her outfit even though deep down inside, you fucking love those jeans on her. Or how about the other day one of the women you look up to got your dream job, and now you don't feel supportive anymore, for some reason "she's a bit bitchy." Well, these events are curated so we can gather around the table and cut all that shit out. We've created events that focus on rising up in our opinions and also our listening. It's a moment where we can be real and not be hesitant to share what's really in our hearts. Let's not let insecurities get the best of us. These gatherings are built to foster a foundation for self-love, communal support, and storytelling. Plus, you get a badass picture of, suck up the insecurities and do it! 


We create safe, non-judgemental spaces for you chica

"The women that are here, we all end up being family...We are learning to meet each other as women, and not as what we do." -GIGI MCMILLAN


Doesn't matter your age, shape, or color. We're all women here.

"Everybody has a positive attitude and it is totally multicultural. That itself is a very positive thing for me because we can learn a lot from different cultures all the time because each culture has its own contribution to enrich our lives. So long as we respect each other and be non-judgmental, that’s the key. Then we help each other to grow and support.." -SUSAN




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