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Self-Love Group Call

Self-Love has been a big part of our journeys, as individuals, in our romantic relationships, our businesses, and in our partnership.

PACK Retreats in partnership with Behold.Her, are overjoyed at the prospect of hosting our annual retreat to the Treehouse Village in the Dominican Republic in March, focusing on the topic of self-love. We believe self-love is a majorly undervalued and under discussed theme, and that by focusing on this topic, we can infuse our lives with more delight, peace, and strength.

Join us for a totally-free monthly video call with our community beginning on January 7th from 6 - 7pm ET. We will share in advance a topic on self-love for you to review, an article to read, a chapter from a favorite book, a podcast, or a short video to watch.

Zoom link for call:

Come prepared to share, connect with like-minded women, and grow your self-love muscle.

All are invited!