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Intimate Storytelling Dinner

Details coming soon 

in partnership with Divine Chocolate & Sospeso

Women Storytelling Dinner at Sospeso

Topic: Eating with Intention / Body Positivity

We'll be partnering with *Divine Chocolates to discuss eating with intention with Maria Gabriela Brazley

Key Topics: 

1. How the tribal mentality (acceptance for the sake of survival) has gotten us (women) to where we are: what we accept as norm, what we have adopted as belief for ourselves even if it’s currently outdated, etc.

2. How we can rewrite our mental script around impulsions (eating/otherwise), how we can identify the positive intention our body has for us

3. How we can honor the generations/wisdom that came before us and create new recipes for success in the areas of self-love, nourishment, care.


Starter: Strawberry salad - followed by small piece of of white chocolate/ strawberry chocolate

Entree: Vegan risotto - followed by piece of mint chocolate Or
Chicken cacciatore -followed by small piece of toffee chocolate

Dessert: will feature the mango coconut chocolate and the raspberry

Pricing: $56 per person or $100 for two people. 

Gift: Complimentary Coaching session with Maria Brazley worth $125/hr.