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Portrait Event: Motherhood When You're the Boss


"Motherhood when you're the BOSS"

What does a maternity leave look like when you’re running your own business? We are given 3 months in corporate america to get back on their feet and come back to work. We’re told that’s not enough, so what is? When you run your own business and your first “baby” is your livelihood, how much time should you give yourself as you become a mother? It’s hard to make this decision. It’s hard to take time off. It’s hard to not take time off.

Join Behold.Her's special guest and discussion leader, Mariko Iwata, founder & creative director at Miks Letterpress +, for an honest and nuanced conversation with mothers and mothers to be at the gorgeous Brief Assembly (also momma ran). Take some time to reflect on their experience through their transition to motherhood. There are so many of us who aren’t told what it was going to be like because it’s just not shared. Let’s talk about what it was like for us. Was it what you expected? Was it what you wanted?

What were assumptions about motherhood, equality with your partner, grandparents or nap time that you had that were thrown to the wayside? What about your “tribe”, your “village”? How does that work this day and age?

Recent or even long time mothers as well as those interested in motherhood are welcome to attend so that we can hear, share and ask questions in a positive and encouraging environment.