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Portrait Event: Body Image (Eating Disorders)

Disclaimer: Tickets range from $45 - $100 for this event. Early bird is only two weeks. 

Women and Body Image - Finding Our Worth in Today's World

Every day we are ruthlessly bombarded with images and examples of what we should look like, most of which are unattainable for the majority of women. The pressure to be beautiful is constant, and it's exhausting. All too often this pressure causes us to compromise our values, and even our health, in search of these false standards of beauty. Disordered eating, negative self-esteem, poor body image and countless other ailments affect virtually every woman in our society at some point in her lifetime. 

How can we practice authenticity and believe in our own self-worth in today's world? Join us for a discussion with Christie Dondero Bettwy, Executive Director of Rock Recovery, a local nonprofit committed to helping people find healing and freedom from eating disorders and body image issues. Christie's decade-long battle with disordered eating and eventual recovery caused her to ruthlessly evaluate her life, her values, and her own self-image. As someone who is now healed and living a life of freedom, she will help guide us in a conversation on how we can truly practice self-care and live a life that is consistent with our values.