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Listening Club : Food Freedom with Special Guest Lina Salazar

  • The Yard 700 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20408 United States (map)


Sometimes we’re aware of it, sometimes we aren’t, but the fear of gaining weight or being fat scares most women. As a result, we become obsessed about what we should or shouldn’t eat, how we should or shouldn’t look.

These thoughts determine the way we experience food and relate to our bodies. We often feel guilt or shame after we eat or look at ourselves in the mirror. For some women this is a mild obsession, for others it turns into an eating disorder.

The opposite of this state of insanity is food freedom, a place in which we’re able to enjoy food and people around us, forgive ourselves when we eat too much and don’t try to “correct” it for the sake of weight-loss, and feel more at ease in our own skin.

Food freedom doesn’t come once we’re able to change our shape and size. We achieve it when we transform the way we think. For June’s Listening Club, we take a step in that direction and challenge the way we think about fat, dieting, body acceptance, health and wellness. Join us if you want to have an open, non-judgemental conversation about making peace with food and our bodies.

The Podcast Episode: Listen to “Tell Me I’m Fat” on This American Life. Lina Salazar, from Live Well, and Cierra Mooney, will lead the conversation.

Location: The Yard at Eastern Market (700 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003)

Key Talking Points

  • Food freedom

  • Fatphobia in modern society

  • Body acceptance

  • Diet mentality