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Podcast Listening Club with Cierra Mooney

  • lululemon M Street Northwest Washington, DC United States (map)


Do you ever feel pressured into joining book clubs, knowing that you don't really know how to prioritize a book in your life right now?

What the hell is a podcast listening club? It's like a book club, but with podcasts! How many times have you awkwardly laughed in public or shed tears during a drive from listening? The BH Podcast Club is bringing podcast listeners together in a space to meet chicas face-to-face, circle up and buckle in for an intimate conversation on an episode. Every month we'll send out a set of "Listening Lists" so even if you're unable to make it, or the BH Podcast Club hasn't made it to your city yet, you're able to follow along with us and later read our gathering highlights. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of the Listening Lists for that month and to hear about anything else BH related. Tag us in your stories or feed using #BHLISTENS while you're listening to a podcast. If your episode recommendation is chosen for our next gathering, you'll win a free seat to gather, drink, think, and chat with us.


As we get older, it’s becoming more difficult to make friends and genuine friendships. As women, we’re so careful about what we share and how we share, that it has built barriers around expressing ourselves to each other in an honest way. As technology continues to grow, so does the distance we create from the lost art of conversation. This is meant to challenge you, to push you to break from the norm and to give you permission to share your story unapologetically.



What to Expect

This is not a podcast recording. This is a sit-down discussion on a podcast episode that has influenced what we wanted to bring into the discussion. You'll be sharing space with a total of 12-15 women. This is not a panel so you'll be sharing just as actively as our host. We'll have drinks and small snacks to get you through the evening.


The Podcast Episode

Who says that Women's Month has to end in March? We're wanting to celebrate and continue to recognize women kicking ass and taking names. Please listen to: How I Built This: Rent the Runway: Jenn Hyman. Our host, Cierra Mooney, will be leading the group, which will be held at Georgetown, lululemon, THE LOFT.

Key Talking Points

  • Female competition in a professional environment.


  • Handling adversity.


  • Desiring and taking a proactive approach to an unconventional career path.

House Rules

We have these to emphasize respect towards those we’re meeting:

  1. No phones will be used until the end of the event

  2. No exchanges of social media handles, emails, or numbers until the end of the event

  3. No discussion about work or who you work for


We have no labels here. The only labels are the ones we place on ourselves. The only exceptions held are the ones we carry over our heads. We’re not here to impress each other, compete with each other, or trade services with each other. We’re all gathering together because we believe that conversation is powerful and we all need a little shoulder to cry on.

What Your Ticket Includes

Your ticket includes drinks, small bites, a private venue, and kickass company.

What Do I Wear?

Casual. Show up as you are - we don't care if you don't have makeup on. You do you girl.

Did Something Come Up?

If you purchased a ticket and you’re unable to attend, your ticket will be donated to someone else. For any questions please forward them to We do not do refunds.

Wanna Know More?

Please visit the website to dive in deeper with the mission: or visit the Instagram page and see how many have shared a part of their story! If you are having trouble with purchasing a ticket, please email to discuss work-trade options.