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PRO VOICE: Portrait Event

PRO VOICE: A conversation to learn how to hold space for friends who have had an abortion.

“Have you kept this secret out of fear that your friends or family might cast you out? Do you struggle to find your story because you don't fit the stereotype? Did you recently discover that your friend had an abortion but was too scared to share with you and you didn't even know how to talk about it with her? Do the hardlines of abortion politics lack depth needed to include your story? Do you think the topic of abortion is complicated and nuanced? We do too.”

Because of the complexity and controversy of this subject, we will not be disclosing the location of this event until after you purchase entry. However, it will be in Washington, D.C. We want to emphasize that this is a safe space to share your story. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE ON PRO-LIFE OR PRO-CHOICE, this is a discussion on PRO-VOICE and how we can be better friends to those who have been through the procedure. We might not always agree on abortion, but that doesn't mean that women haven't had them and don't need the space to discuss their experience instead of women internalizing them out of fear.