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Lady's Gal-entine's Comedy Show

Behold.Her Presents

LOVE IS AWK. an evening with female comics sharing how weird relationships are

Audience: This event is for the married, the dating, the broken-hearted, the single ladies, gay or straight. It’s a night out without the dudes on a mooshy holiday that either has you feeling pressured to make a romantic evening or pissed because no one is making that for you. It’s a few hours out of the apartment to laugh your ass off with other girls who are looking to block out Valentine’s Day shenanigans. It’s a reminder that it’s nothing but a day and it can be spent with some badass ladies.


We will have 5 female comics that will speak on the following topics: 

·      Being single

·      Online Dating / Tinder / Bumble

·      Not being a millennial in the dating world

·      Married life

·      Gay relationships

·      Sex

·      Third Wheel


Our venue will be Jos A Magnus Distillery. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for the event, please send us a direct email. We're looking to host 80-100 guests for this event. 

Earlier Event: February 11