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Ladies, ladies, ladies! 

Who doesn't like Sunday morning brunches and lady hangs? Are you tired of falling through with making plans with girlfriends or find yourself making excuses to stay in? I've been there and done that too many times. Sometimes we need the extra push from our loved ones or ourselves to just do it. But let's face it, we're so fucking tired from the week it's hard to fathom having to push to feel awkward going to a "networking event." 

Giirrrrrl, these brunches are yes, meant to make you feel a little awkward because you might not know anyone, but there are no business card swaps or talks about work at these gatherings. It's purely chit chat and girl hangs over good food and a dedicated space for chill vibes. We're here to break up your routine and introduce you to a community where who you are is more important than what you do. 

Brunch of Ladies is an ongoing brunch gathering that's here to uplift your Sunday and build you up for the week. Share space with other women who are pushing themselves to get out of the house too. This is all about strengthing bonds and recognizing there's a whole lot more to the surface of our occupations and work weeks. 

Please note that this ticket is non-refundable as this will be a fixed priced meal for everyone to eat their faces off. If you feel like you'll be unable to attend - have a girlfriend take your spot or become a donor to someone who can't come because of financial strains! We're all about sharing the experience. 

What Does the Ticket Include? 

Your ticket includes tax and tip along with a fixed food menu. Please choose what ticket you'd like at checkout: one with or without a drink! If you decide to change your mind, you will have to be separated from what's being collected before the brunch. 

"BEHOLD.HER seeks to create an environment in which vulnerability is honored and not ostracized. We're here to recognize that there are lessons and obstacles that all women share, but that in love and meaningful community we can be stronger together." - Leah Beilhart

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