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Defying Expectations

This event is SOLD OUT and the two winning spots go to Priscilla and Jax! This event will be held July 13th from 5:30 - 8:30PM at THE APOLLO!

We are still looking for food and drink vendors for this event! Any suggestions? 

The conversation will be about "Defying Expectations," so how we feel we are unique in our work, how we live our lives, how we think, what we are achieving in our lives. The things that might be quiet and subtle, but that make each one of us special. We'll discover together that we're special in our own way, even if we are not rocket scientists or world leaders. We each have something special inside us even though we really might not feel that way in our day to day when we're bogged down with taking care of kids, getting up early to trudge to work, or feeling conflicted on wearing something daring, but feel self-conscious. We need to honor our special qualities and the unique magic that we bring to our lives.


Earlier Event: June 27
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