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Kindness, Compassion, & Comparison

  • Shopkeepers Gallery (map)

Just ask for your patience as this event is still being planned, but is confirmed for the location, discussion, and date. 

Leslie, who has been a portrait participant and an ongoing supporter of the Behold.Her community has been invited to lead one of the events! For those of you who haven't met her, she's Active Duty Airforce, but took a slight turn in health that's made her undergo brain surgery. Her trials and tribulations through her recovery have made her realized it's not just physical obstacles she is challenged with but mental obstacles as well. Friendships, romantic relationships, and family relationships have been impacted by her procedure and she's made a note to herself that she wants to share her experiences with not only those who may have ailments or needing to undergo surgery but for those friends of ours that are shy to ask, "how are you doing?" This conversation is not meant to be just for those who are struggling with their health but guiding the women that surround those hurting on how to speak to them.