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01: Brunch of Ladies

Ladies, ladies, ladies! 

So I'm venturing out of my comfort zone of photography but staying on a path with curating small, intentional get togethers. Who doesn't like Sunday morning brunches and lady hangs? We meet so many wonderful women through these portrait happy hours, but then are guilty of falling back into our routines and not catching up once in a while with those we shared a table with in the past. 

LET'S BREAK UP THAT ROUTINE! Introducing the Behold.Her morning series: "A Brunch of Ladies."

Sospeso has been extremely gracious with hosting one of our past events and so we're bringing the gals back together again and taking over the top floor with an all you can eat experience. WOOT WOOT! This is going to be super chill and no portraits. Just a morning to meet fellow chicas and meet new folks in the area. This brand is all about strengthing bonds so what better way to do that while eating.

Please note that this ticket is non-refundable as this will be a fixed priced meal for everyone to eat their faces off. If you feel like you'll be unable to attend - have a girlfriend take your spot! We're all about sharing the experience.

P.S. You are more than welcome to buy all the alcoholic beverages you'd like, but it will not be included in your table price!

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