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Behold.Her Portrait Event: The Complexities + Expectation of Female Friendships

The Complexities + Expectations of Female Friendships

Have our mothers shaped our expectations on female friendships? How are these expectations shaping our friendships or lack thereof? Do we hold our girlfriends at too high of a standard or do we feel like our friend group is a little out of control? Are we scared that we’ll let down these women in our lives or do we feel hesitant to put ourselves out there because “they don’t deserve to get to know me?”

You’re not alone in your thoughts and your feelings.

Men are not the only influences in women’s behaviors. This topic and conversation will be based on dialogue on the influences from other women around us, whether it be our mother or friends.

Join us for a portrait event hosted at Varnish Lane with refreshments provided by Lumi Juices. We're all about vulnerability and honesty during these events. We understand that topics may be uncomfortable so know that you're in a safe space to share.


Sometimes it takes a little motivation to get out of the house and break out our comfort zones for a moment. There will be plenty others rushing from work and feeling like a hot mess or feel uncomfortable with coming into an event without any expectations. As we get older, it’s becoming more difficult to make friends and genuine friendships. As women, we’re so careful about what we share and how we share, that it’s built barriers around expressing ourselves to each other in an honest way. As technology continues to grow, so does the distance we create from the lost art of conversation. This event isn’t meant to be pretty. It’s meant to challenge you, to push you to break from the norm, and to give you permission to share your story unapologetically. We’re here for you, just like you’re being present for us.

What to Expect

We'll begin the evening with a small cocktail hour with drinks and small bites provided to you for the night. Then we'll proceed to sit down with our treats and open the discussion with introductions. We'll present the topic and allow the conversation to form around the topic organically with minimal questions. This is not a workshop, how-to, or panel discussion. You have a choice to actively play a role in the conversation. You have the freedom of sitting and listening as well. Halfway through the discussion, there will be one-on-one interviews and portraits taken with Founder and Photographer, Leah Beilhart. These images and audio recordings will be used online adding to an online gallery of voices. This is in a documentary style format and is used to illustrate unheard voices and opinions. These images are free for you to download after the event, but they are not meant to be used commercially. Images are chosen and edited for you to alleviate the delivery process. Additional photos are not provided for purchase. Again, this event is the only event that is created as an artistic gathering, this is not meant to be used as an opportunity for a new LinkedIn headshot.

House Rules

We have these to emphasize respect towards those we’re meeting with and recognizing we’re more than just a face.

  1. No phones will be used until the end of the event

  2. No exchanges of social media handles, emails, or numbers until the end of the event

  3. No need to discuss where you work or who you work for until the end the event


This brand and these events are not meant to please everyone, but they are built to host every type of woman. We have no labels here. The only labels are the ones we place on ourselves. The only exceptions held are the ones we carry over our heads. We’re not here to impress each other, compete with each other, or trade services with each other. We’re all gathering together because we believe that the art of conversation is powerful and we all need a little shoulder to cry on, a trustworthy person in our lives, and a space to not have to be anyone else other than ourselves.

Did Something Come Up?

If you purchased a ticket and you’re unable to attend, please donate your ticket to a friend or email to donate to those who aren’t able to afford one.

Wanna Know More?

Please visit the website to dive in deeper with the mission: or visit the Instagram page and see how many have shared a part of their story!

Photography + Interview Disclaimer

By purchasing this ticket you are giving full permission for images to be used online and be submitted for publication. The copyright and ownership is granted to Leah Beilhart of BEHOLD.HER, LLC. You give the right for the images and audio to be used for marketing, promotion, and shared on social media along with those who partner with the brand for the event that you’re attending. ONLY the interviews are recorded. All conversation held at the table is private and will not be shared. These images can be used for social media, but requests will not be taken to provide alternate images for professional use.

Behold.Her is an event series for women who want to get real. Through conversation and an intimate portrait experience, these gatherings are built to foster a foundation for self-love, communal support, and storytelling.

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