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"Thanks to Her" One Year Celebration

  • Sally's Middle Name (map)

Super pumped to organize a one year birthday gathering for Behold.Her on Tuesday, November 14th at Sally's Middle Name. BEHOLD.HER is an ongoing photography series that has been breaking social barriers for women through intimate storytelling and one-on-one portraits. It is focused on shifting perspectives among fellow females and challenging women to be more open-minded as the common interaction is to deflect and ignore potential friendships, colleagues, and their own personal respect. We would love for you to join us in celebrating momentous transformations amongst those who have participated in the series, showcase services from some of the best female-owned businesses in the District, and sit for a deep panel conversation. 

We'll have cocktails offered by Republic Restoratives, DJ vibes by Ayes Cold, and Sospeso and Up Top Acres as just some of the few food vendors we have on board. Some of our gift sponsors are ENAT and Soul Cycle! 

BEHOLD.HER has been recognized for its efforts in unifying women and creating a unique vision in DC Modern Luxury Magazine and has been highlighted in interviews with Take Care Shop, Ringlet Studio and Atmosphere podcast in the 6 months it has been in existence. Here is a video from one of the event’s to witness the intimacy, detail, and intention behind the gatherings.

Since November of 2016, BEHOLD.HER has donated to seven non-profit organizations, hosted 70 attendees and worked with 32 sponsors including Lean In, Republic Restoratives, and Salt & Sundry at seven portrait events. BEHOLD.HER is proud to be recognized as a communal pillar by its attendees and sponsors alike, who have made this series swiftly successful.

If you're interested in being a sponsor please send me a personal email at Whether that's financial sponsorship, wanting to provide a service, or gifts to our attendees, all are welcomed! Thank you for your consideration and support in our mission to enable women to unite based on their achievements in their individual journeys and contributions to the community. We hope to see you there! Donate or RSVP for your tickets!


Leah Beilhart / Founder of Behold.Her

Click below if you're interested in working with us for the event!