Portrait Event 17: Personal Influences from Social Media

We were really excited sitting down at the table and speaking with some of the ladies from The Lily News who wanted to chat about the impact of social media and phone usage on the ol' brain & heart. It might suck to admit it, but most of us can't go through the day without picking up the phone and scrolling through notifications. We brought the conversation to JRINK on Connecticut Avenue with a group of women who wanted to share the ups and down with their phone relationship. Some women explain how their phone is important to them because they provide notifications and reassurance that their family is okay as a father is going through an illness or another who is juggling a newborn and needs something to do in between feedings. Explore some perspectives below with these women. 

Special thanks to SipCity for coming in and providing a Switchel tasting! Hugs to the ladies at JRINK for providing space and of course a big woop woop to The Lily News for supporting us and leading the conversation!