Love is AWK Women's Comedy Show

photography coming soon!

Love is AWK, Behold.Her’s very first comedy show, went down at the lovely Jos A Magnus Distillery the day after Valentine’s - GALENTINE'S DAY! While the ladies of Jos served up loved-themed gin, bourbon, and vodka cocktails that got everyone in the mood to laugh it up, we also mingled and shopped with a collection of talented women-owned businesses who joined us that night.


Our goal for this event was to take a step back from the predictability and pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day, and to celebrate the true-life awkward moments of dating, intimacy, and love. There was something for everyone that night - from single ladies to married mamas and all of the “it’s complicated” deals in between. Even side chicks, past and present, had a platform and safe space to keep it real.


The lineup was stacked with four of DC’s dopest female comics and ooh girl, did they deliver! Every comic brought their own style and relatable personal experiences to the stage, and they got real with us about seriously hilarious (sometimes awkward) love & dating stuff. There was definitely clapping, foot stomping, and the occasional snort amongst the audience as we laughed our asses off together. 


Just when we all thought it couldn’t possibly get better, we brought all the comics back on stage for a post-show, no-holds-barred audience Q&A. We weren’t sure if y’all were going to ova-up and put yourselves out there like that, but the audience questions did NOT disappoint.


Props to all of you who had the courage to stand up and talk about your love & sex lives! We know how hard it is to share with strangers, but it’s kind of our thing here at Behold.Her. So, it was refreshing to watch it happen in a totally different environment than our portrait discussions. And we’re pretty sure it was the first time we’ve talked about pegging at an event (you had to be there).


A lot of us have bonded through tears at previous events, and now we’ve done it with laughter. It felt so good to flip the script on our usual scene, and based on the feedback you can count on seeing more of these nights in the future! These are the kind of moments that keep our bonds strong, because no matter what your situation is, love is awk.

Highlight written by Elle VanDyne & Leslie Hidalgo