#BrunchofLadies at Espita


Hey! Vanessa here!

Who else considers eating dope ass food an actual hobby? I know I’m out here spending money on amazing cuisine whenever I can. I love trying new places and tasting everything DC has to offer - and girl, this last week’s #BrunchOfLadies at Espita Mezcaleria was hella good!

There were a handful of delicious appetizers to cater to every taste bud in the room. I went with the ensalada de frutas — a simple fruit salad with a little extra spice. Literal spice. A mixture of lime, chile, and mint leaves was drizzled on top and it was honestly such an easy way to elevate a dish as simple as fruit salad. I could have eaten barrels of the stuff. The entrees included the classics - tacos al pastor and huevos rancheros - but also offered carrot tacos. I definitely paused for a moment when I read that one. If you don’t know how much I love tacos by now, let me fill you in real quick: they’re pretty much the best thing ever made. But I’ve never tasted one without meat, let alone roasted carrots as a filling. While I chose the comforting familiarity of the huevos rancheros over this interesting taco dish, the reviews from around the table came in INSTANTLY and they were fire! I’m already counting the days until I can head back and try them for myself.

As for the drinks, they ranged from hibiscus and gin, to grapefruit, to your regular mimosa, to my first encounter with mezcal, the Guadalupe. Turns out, ya girl does not love Bloody Mary’s or any other take on them, but you better believe I’ll be trying mezcal in everything from here on out. That smokiness is everything, and I found out it’s actually more environmentally sustainable to produce than tequila. Who doesn’t want to get their drank on and help the environment at the same time?

It was a dreary, cloudy morning but we brought the warmth and lit the space up with great conversation. It’s always a challenge for me to keep my paws off my phone (Instagram especially) and to chat with people without that go-to first question, “So where do you work?” This was my first brunch with Behold.Her, and there were some other newbies around the table as well. I was happy to have some company stepping foot into the world of brunch for the first time, and to see some new faces joining us at these events! Other ladies were seasoned vets and leapt right into conversation about literally everything else besides work — crazy hair colors, embarrassing interactions with significant others, hilarious podcasts, and insane encounters from a night out on the town. Whether the topic was light-hearted or serious, it felt great to take some time right at the beginning of the week and relax together, bonding over shared experiences and learning more about each other over a delicious meal. As we wrapped up, we went around the table and shared our weekly wins. We shared things we were proud of accomplishing: from finally cleaning the apartment, avoiding buying fast food for an entire week, to finally making that jump to follow a passion and switch careers. Whatever our wins were, the support around the table was real. I walked away feeling empowered through connection with these badass women, and empowered by the reminder that each step forward that I make is progress and can be celebrated, whether it’s a leap or the tiniest baby step.