Portrait Event 18: I Don't Deserve My Own Love Story

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We were stoked to lock The Loft at lululemon in Georgetown, who have been nothing but HUGE supporters for Behold.Her. It's a beautiful upstairs space with comfy cushions and tons of sunlight. You can even see a little of Latela Art Gallery's work hanging some of Kristen Gaudio Endsley's paintings. 

We brought our tummy's some love thanks to Homeshed Kitchens for providing delicious grain bowls for our gals. It was great to eat something that didn't make you feel guilty and was delivered warm and ready for a chilly evening. 

Georgetown is a bitch to find parking in, so we were all emoticon hearts for all the lovely women who stuck it through and got their asses through the door. 

We want to thank all the women involved in making this event successful, especially those who were willing to share their thoughts on the topic. Below you’ll find individual interviews from those who attended. These are REAL women who were sat down for a portrait and interview during the event.

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Once everyone arrived we quickly took our seats and made our rounds for introductions. Adeola was our discussion leader that evening and we couldn't have asked for a more focused and fruitful conversation. There were tears and laughter, a healthy balance of the two. We look forward to sharing what these women had to say about loving themselves and loving others. 


Highly encourage Adeola's recap on her blog write up 12 Lessons on Love & Relationships! 

"When we let our hearts speak, openings happen. I assure you that if you lean out just a little, you will notice that someone in your life or around you is peeking into your opening and wondering if he or she is welcomed, if they belong, and if they can safely bring their full self to the table."

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