Portrait Event 16: The Complexities + Expectations on Female Friendships

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It’s rare to find a salon that doesn’t make you question if it was worth the wait or the low cost to get your nails done. If anything, you’re usually questioning that when you’re sitting in front of a woman coughing on your hands, spitting in the foot tubs, or reusing equipment that doesn’t ever seemed to be clean. Yeah, those are real life moments and they were filtered to keep this post moving!

We were whisped away by the interior design of Varnish Lane, but we were more swept off our feet by the kindness and consideration of the women who run the shop. We were delighted to be hosted in their salon and even more grateful for new friendships.

We started the evening off with high energy, having samples of refreshing Lumi Juices poured by Michelle. With a high intolerance of green juices, we took a sip to be polite, but then quickly turned around asking for more. A rare and memorable happening! For anyone wanting to try green juices for the first time, we definitely encourage trusting Lumi to pop that experience for you. Of course there are fruitier options available, which we happily poured into our champagne for a little Lu-mosa reaction.

The ladies gathered in one by one, most rushing from DC after work traffic. It didn’t take long for the girls to circle up and start getting to know one another, remembering that they can’t speak about work or bust out their phone during the event.

Once everyone arrived we quickly took our seats and made our rounds for introductions. Gabi was our discussion leader that evening, digging in to our past friendships, or current relationships, and then later breaking down how to speak to our future friends. The ways we navigate our friendships are definitely influenced at an early age. Whether you think it was your parents or not, we have expectations on others even when we try to deny we don’t. It’s just a matter of channeling those reasons and dissecting what makes sense and what’s asking for too much. We shouldn’t be high maintenance on our buddies. But what we do suggest, is handling your friendships like you would a healthy romantic relationship. Speak the truth, share what bothers you respectfully, and don’t be shy to say that you need that person.

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We want to thank all the women involved in making this event successful, especially those who were willing to share a little about their thoughts on the topic. Below you’ll find individual interviews from those who attended. These are REAL women who were sat down for a portrait and interview during the event.