Event 14: The "S" Word

Shame. Silence. Service. Satisfaction. Sacrifice. Shyness... Sex. Have you ever wondered why as women it's such a taboo to speak out loud about sex? What about feeling shy just exchanging exciting experiences or concerns with your girlfriends? Have you felt shame experiencing sex at an early age or embarrassed that you haven't really had much of a sex life? Do you feel pressured to have to fulfill society's expectations of sensuality? Is that "lady in the street, but a freak in the bed," phrase hanging over your head? How about feeling tired, but you give in to sex with your partner because there's an obligation you're holding yourself to with having to give, give, give all the time...I can't vouch for everyone, but there's a space needed to listen, learn, and share amongst other women who are open-minded and wanting to do the same and we did just that. We do not disclose what is discussed at the table, but each woman stepped up to share a little insight to you on these recordings. Thank you for your bravery and thank you for rising up to say something on this topic. Much love to Kerra of BUREAU who provided her beautiful co-working space in Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C. to host this conversation. If you haven't been, go. 


BUREAU is a boutique, members-only co-working space in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of NW Washington, DC. Designed with entrepreneurs in mind, BUREAU serves as a sanctuary for women to network, collaborate, and share ideas. This designer space is also available for private events, and hosts monthly gatherings and WERQshops for members and the community to come together.