Event 13: The Necessity of Serendipity

Below was an article everyone was suggested to read prior to attending the event: 

https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/05/why-luck-matters-more-than-you-might-think/476394/ It is empowering and awe-inspiring to acknowledge the ways we have overcome, the ways we "hustle", the ways we prove ourselves. But it can be equally inspiring and humbling to acknowledge the ways in which we lucked out. 

When gender, class, and race intersect, as women across these planes, where does luck and grit meet? How do we balance the celebration of our achievements with the admission of our privileges in the crafting of our own narrative? How can we advance rights and opportunities, and work toward true equity, for all women through this circumspect self reflection?  Thank you to our sponsor Seda of Shopkeepers Gallery who hosted us that evening with discussion leader, Aerica Banks. Below are short recordings from the women who sat at the table and shared what sereneditpity meant and did not mean to them. 


Aerica Banks was our discussion leader for the evening. These recordings were made separately from the event and may have a bit of fuzz. Apologies for the crackle.