Event 4: Love Yourself, Love Each Other

with valentine's day around the corner, let's ground down in love for ourselves and each other.an evening centered on self-love and community care at the heart of our actions in the months ahead. we will mingle over happy hour drinks and light bites in artist Kathryn Zaremba's beautiful studio. we will hold space for a discussion on what it means to love yourself and each other and to overcome the internal barriers that prevent us from doing so (facilitated by Joanna of Wandering Wellness). as with all Behold.Her events*, we will participate in individual portrait sessions with photographer Leah Beilhart, creating a beautiful photograph that is yours to keep after the event.


"When I finally realized that it was I who could make myself happy and give myself the love I wanted to feel, my life changed forever. I wish every woman could realize her power to choose happiness and self love and spread that energy and love near and far."


"I am finally beginning to see myself as a leader and realizing that my leadership is inspiring others to claim and rule as sovereign of their own life. I'm also finally seeing my flaws as gifts to guide me and help me guide others from a more empathetic and real place."


"My relationship with feminism has been largely defined by wrestling with the absence of women who look like me and the lack of diverse body types in national media. My female friends and mentors have changed my life — both in the ways that I look at myself and the world."


"Self love is political resistance." 


"Be fearless. For yourself to create, to make new connections. It will be rewarding, so don't have any regrets, just throw yourself in front of everything. Learn to trust." 


"Self love is the importance of put out energy in order to create what we want to receive."


"No one can do anything to you without your permission. Understand the situation and realize that you can either be in control or give someone else control." 


"You have to be true to yourself everyday. There is no authenticity in social media. The walls that are put up only block the pursuit of happiness. I want to feel comfort, I want to be inspirational, and I want to take more risks."  


"I was late to the self love journey. Eventually I had to vocalize accepting myself physically. I'm adopted, and being a person of color in a white family made me feel insecure. But on this journey of culture versus society, I have learned to embrace who I am and what I look like."


"I learned family can be who you choose, not what you're born into. I've let go of the guilt and realized that family doesn't have to stop at blood."


"Self love is maximizing pleasure in that moment." 


"It became clear that the time to speak my self truth was now; to be bold and defy fear... If we were all afraid, then that meant my fear of failure was not unique; that my negative self beliefs weren't actually true! With that new confidence, I took the plunge and started my own consulting business. I now wake up every single day at peace and completely excited at the possibilities."