Event 1: An Unplanned Start

This was the first event thrown for the start of BEHOLD.HER. I never went in thinking that something more than a "hang out" would suffice from it, but it turned out to be the most moving evening. I started by asking a few women to bring a friend to a studio I was working at to take some portraits. We ordered pizza and brought in a lot of wine. I announced to everyone that the evening had to be filled with positivity. Accept compliments and genuinely give them to other women. I tried breaking some social circles apart and pushing women into groups so they wouldn't let shyness overcome an opportunity to make new friends. We laughed, cried, and shared heaps of stories. I am so proud that many of the women from this first event are still supporting each other and meeting up for hangs. It wasn't the end of the evening that 50+ women contacted me to attend this one off portrait party and it made me realize something shifted for me as a photographer.

*Behold.Her is a photographic happy hour for women. Through conversation and an intimate portrait experience, these gatherings are built to foster a foundation for self-love, communal support, and storytelling.

This first event didn't have interviews. The intention going in was to make sure that the women who participated during my "portrait happy hour" that they had to rid themselves of anything negative thoughts when they approached the camera. I was blessed that I had a handful of willing women to join me on what is now redefining my life in so many great ways.